TURBO-REFLEX Final Event at ETC14

TURBO-REFLEX is delighted to host a special session at the 14th European Turbomachinery Conference (ETC14) on Thursday, 15 April at 14:30. This session will also be the TURBO-REFLEX final event.

The session will consist of an introductory presentation by the Coordinator Christian Aalburg of GE and will be followed by four technical presentations on the work carried out during the project. Below an overview of the topics covered:


    1. Meeting Complexity with Flexibility: TURBO-REFLEX Project overview and major impact/results (Christian Aalburg, GE, Project coordinator, DE)
    2. Aerodynamic Limits of Air Extraction and Injection for Gas Turbine Flexibility Improvements  (Artur Szymanski, Cranfield University, UK; Marcello Benvenuto, Ansaldo Energia, IT)
    3. Calculation of the lean stability limit of turbulent premixed jet flame array: from basic research to industrial application (Alexander Schwagerus, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Olaf Bernstrauch, Siemens Energy, DE)
    4. Blade Residual Life Monitoring System (Jindrich Liska, University of West Bohemia, Vaclav Cerny, Doosan Skoda, CZ)
    5. Condition based monitoring of plant turbomachinery (Alexander Wiedermann, MAN ES)


The European Turbomachinery Conference (ETC) is organised by the European Turbomachinery Society (Euroturbo) and is held every two years in a different European city. The 14th European Conference on Turbomachinery Fluid Dynamics and Thermodynamics (ETC 14) will be held in April 2021, beginning on Monday, April 12 and concluding on Friday, April 16. According to the Covid Restriction the organisers have decided to have it fully virtual under the organisation of Local organizer in Gdansk (Poland). The conference covers from a scientific and engineering perspective, the fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of turbomachines, as well as of turbomachinery based propulsion systems and power systems.

Programme and registration is accessible at




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