Public event in Prague

TURBO-REFLEX and its sister project FLEXTURBINE are developing innovative and cost-effective solutions that will strongly advance future and existing thermal power plants order to allow flexible flexible rapid load changes, which are required to enable higher share of sustainable energy in the European power grid.

In a public event, the projects will present their (initial) results, the event is dedicated to an open discussion on advanced turbine technologies and how they can contribute to the transition process towards a future low carbon energy sector. A panel discussion with experts in the field will give the opportunity to get a differentiated picture of the topic while related challenges and opportunities as well as potential political, economic and scientific implications will be discussed.

Confirmed speakers are

Ján Štuller (Czech Government Special Envoy for Nuclear Energy), Jiří Šmondrk (CEO Doosan Škoda Power), Michael Ladwig (President EU Turbines), Oliver Then (Executive Managing Director VGB PowerTech), Ivan Dudurych (Chartered Consultant Engineer at EIRGRID) and Alexander Wiedermann (Senior Manager MAN Diesel & Turbo).

More information on the event is available at www.flex-energy.eu

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