The objective is to reduce the costs per cycle at typical warm start in combined cycle plants, from currently 50€/MW to ca. 35€/MW, by increasing the part load efficiency, the resistance to wear, and by having more accurate life information.

TURBO-REFLEX will address reduction of cycling costs by improving component materials, component design (methods), and resulting from this, overall damage prevention.
With regard to the objective of cycle cost reduction, the following key components will be improved:

  • Compressor: TURBO-REFLEX aims at developing an advanced, retrofittable compressor aero design for part load conditions which improves the part-load efficiency by minimising bleed flows and desensitising performance to tip clearance variation
  • Turbine: TURBO-REFLEX aims at the development and validation of improved mechanical design tools for harsh and transient operation of gas and steam turbines. It will improve the prediction accuracy of plant component loading and damage in transient operation; for example, during rapid changes of load, speed and temperature, and in off-design operating conditions. This will be achieved by transient component monitoring, improved material damage prediction models, and advanced cooling schemes.

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