By optimising flexible operation in thermal power plants,

turboreflex will reduce emissions & increase power generation stability

as we transition towards renewable energy sources.

Optimisation of existing fleet for flexible operation:

  Whole Plant Performance  
  Online plant analytics & monitoring   
Compressor Off design operability   Hot Gas Path Technologies Mechanical integrity in flexible operation 

TURBO-REFLEX is a project which provides technology upgrades to retrofit the installed power plants to enable flexible operation without penalties on life, cost and emissions.

The project unites the major European manufacturers, renowned research partners and end users to implement the roadmap and provide technologies for extremely flexible operation, reduce the minimum load, increase the ramp rates and reduce the costs per cycle.


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For a more flexible operation of thermal power plants (without plant life or cost penalties), the individual technology component improvements are complemented by new sensor and monitoring technologies which support Condition-Based Maintenance and Repair as well as optimized operation.

Evaluated on plant level, the flexibility improvements, as well as the impacts on performance, life and cost, will be the basis for the subsequent implementation of the technologies in the existing thermal power plant fleet.

TURBO-REFLEX will build on the EU Turbines Roadmap and integrate results and achievements of the FLEXTURBINE project, which started 1 January 2016. 

The selection of technologies and components for TURBO-REFLEX was based on a detailed analysis for the following criteria:

  • components most prone to wear in flexible operation
  • technologies allowing a more flexible / evidence-based maintenance and life projection
  • components / technologies which can be retrofit to the existing fleet.

TURBO-REFLEX aims at individual products and services being ready for market introduction within approx. two to three years after completion of the TURBO-REFLEX project.

In a combined cycle plant, the components and technologies which will be improved in TURBO-REFLEX are grouped in the three technology pillars:

  1. Improvement of compressor off-design operability
  2. Optimisation of hot gas path technologies
  3. Mechanical integrity for more flexible operation

These are complemented by new approaches to enable online plant monitoring and analytics and a whole plant performance assessment.

The TURBO-REFLEX Partnership

The TURBO-REFLEX partnership consists of 26 partners from nine different countries, including core representatives of the European Turbine Industry and leading european universities and research institutes.

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