TURBO-REFLEX Newsletter Issue 1

We're proud to present the first issue of the TURBO-REFLEX Newsletter with project news, an upcoming event and the team behind the project.

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Coordinator Interview with Dr Christian Aalburg

"[...] we need our existing power plants to fill the gap for flexible back-up capacity – a role that they were not really designed for before."



Download the full interview below.


Magazine Article on TURBO-REFLEX

An article on TURBO-REFLEX and its sister project FLEXTURBINE has been published in issue 23 of the MM Maschinenmarkt Magazine. The article if available online and for download (in German only).


Press release, 9 August 2018

Flexible Thermal Power Plants as Back-bone for the Energy Transition Open Discussion Forum - Prague, 25 September 2018

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TURBO-REFLEX Newsletter Issue 1