A forward look to show how our new technologies can provide more flexible Power Plant performance, and support the energy transition.



Public event in Prague

TURBO-REFLEX is happy to announce this public event on 25th September in Prague. Together with its sister project FLEXTURBINE, TURBO-REFLEX will present its research results and discuss with high level representatives from policy, industry and research on how the projects can contribute to the transition process towards a future low carbon energy. 

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

International conference TURBOMACHINES 2018

The scope of the conference covers fluid dynamics and thermodynamics involved in improving flexibility, performance and availability of ST, GT and other turbo-machines...

TURBO-REFLEX Work Package Leaders held a workshop on the impact of improved turbine components for flexible Thermal Power Plants...

Video about the project FLEXTURBINE

Released in 2017 by the FLEXTURBINE project, this video explains the need for flexible power plants for the future Energy System.

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