TURBO-REFLEX will push the boundaries for flexible operation of thermal power plants and thus contribute to the transition of the energy system and an increase of renewable energy sources.

On plant level the TURBO-REFLEX innovation will be the provided by the achievement of the global objectives, i.e. a 30% reduction of the costs per cycle, 33% less starts required through the increase low load capability, and doubling the ramp rate to allow thermal plants to better follow the load requirements of the system.

TURBO-REFLEX solutions will:

  • improve the minimum load capability
  • increase ramp rates and thereby the load following capability
  • avoid unforeseen outages, thereby increasing resilience of the system
  • reduce fuel consumption and emissions due to shorter start-up time
  • increase part load efficiency with reduced fuel consumption and emissions by employing modifications at combustor and compressor level

Innovative solutions for fast load changes comprise:

  • design for off-design conditions
  • performance de-sensitisation to operational changes
  • optmised machine learning
  • “storage ready” gas turbines enabling fast load changes

Cost-effectiveness will be achieved through:

  • retrofittable technology solutions
  • rperating critical components closer to their physical limits
  • condition based monitoring, allowing to replace components flexibly, i.e. just when they need to be replaced
  • providing economic benefits for the plant operator

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