The TURBO-REFLEX partnership consists of 26 partners from nine different countries, including core representatives of the European Turbine Industry and leading european universities and research institutes.

Linköping University

The Institute of Technology at Linköping University is one of Sweden's major faculties of engineering and science. In this project, the work will be conducted by the Divisions of Engineering Materials and Solid Mechanics. The Division of Engineering Materials focuses on three main research areas, high temperature materials, mechanical behaviour of engineering materials with an emphasis on fatigue and fracture, and residual stresses. The Division of Solid Mechanics focuses on structural and topology optimisation, deformation and fatigue life modelling of turbine materials, and fatigue life modelling for aero structural applications.

Role in the project

Linköping University contributes to WP3 by performing testing, material characterisation as well as model development and modelling work.