The TURBO-REFLEX partnership consists of 26 partners from nine different countries, including core representatives of the European Turbine Industry and leading european universities and research institutes.

GE Deutschland

GE is a global diversified industrial technology company with products and services ranging from aircraft engines to power generation, transportation, healthcare, Oil & Gas etc.

The Turbomachinery Aerodynamics Laboratory in Munich has extensive expertise in the development of new aerodynamic technologies in the areas of compressors, turbines and seals for a wide range of applications in aircraft engines, gas and steam turbines, locomotives and Oil&Gas. The Energy Systems Lab works in particular on thermal power plants, system analysis and optimization and heat-recovery solutions. Located on the campus of the Technical University Munich (TUM), where the team often works in close collaboration with the university jointly drawing on a wide infrastructure ranging from high performance computing to wind tunnels and high-speed rotating radial and axial compressor rigs.

Role in the project

GE is the coordinator of the project and member of the EB. As coordinator, GE leads WP6 “Management and sustainable impact”. The Turbomachinery Lab at GE Global Research in Munich works in collaboration with the TUM on the development of flow control technologies for enhancing the off-design compressor operability. This will help achieve higher part load efficiency and lower minimum load of the power plant (WP1).

The Energy Systems Lab at GE Global Research in Munich develops the physics based plant and component model needed to convert the identified sensors and related measurement systems into solutions for plant operators (WP4).

GE also contributes to all tasks in WP5.

Personnel involved

Dr Aalburg, Christian
Manager of the Turbomachinery Aerodynamics Laboratory at GE Global Research with a focus on technology development for axial and radial compressors for product applications in aircraft engines, power generation and O&G process compressors. Prior to joining GE, Christian completed a PhD at the University of Michigan focusing on sprays and atomization and scientific computing, followed by a Postdoc as part of the combustion science team of Space Shuttle mission STS-107.

Dr Yoon, Sungho

Advanced Lead Engineer with a focus on designing and analysing axial compressors. Sungho Yoon completed a PhD at the Whittle Laboratory, working on the Intermediate Pressure turbine design with Rolls Royce. After his PhD and before joining GE, he worked as an aerodynamic designer for Alstom Power, designing steam turbines.  Since 2012, he has worked in GE in developing next-generation compressors for both power plants and aircraft engine.