The TURBO-REFLEX partnership consists of 26 partners from nine different countries, including core representatives of the European Turbine Industry and leading european universities and research institutes.

Cranfield University

Cranfield University is a post-graduate university primarily focusing on technology and management with a strong emphasis on applied research. The capabilities within the Centre for Propulsion encompass a comprehensive portfolio of activities including analytical, numerical, experimental research investigations, and educational programmes covering: gas turbine technology, turbomachinery & icing research, and engine performance & diagnostics. It is strengthened by close links developed with the industry. The Centre’s CU Rolls Royce Performance UTC was established to undertake long-term research in the broad field of performance engineering. Current projects focus on simulation, analysis and novel cycles. The Centre has established an international reputation for its advanced postgraduate gas turbine education for power and propulsion and applied continuing professional development related to the energy industry. The Centre has made sig-nificant contributions to several EU Projects including VITAL, VIVACE, CLEANSKY, LEMCTOEC NEWAC, and DREAM.

Role in the project

Cranfield University expertise in gas turbine applies to the evaluation of the overall performance implications of implementing the integrated technology on existing gas turbine engines. This also includes more detailed computational studies on the compressor and combustor component, in the new operating conditions. Against this background, CU will contribute to WPs 1 and 2, in particular to simulations of the compressor and combustor performances characteristics during charging and discharging.