The TURBO-REFLEX partnership consists of 26 partners from nine different countries, including core representatives of the European Turbine Industry and leading european universities and research institutes.


ASINCO – a small enterprise founded in 2012 by Prof Jelali – is specialised in the design, development and supply of modern and efficient solutions for plant and process automation, including product-related applications. Their focus application fields lie on the processing industries: iron and steel industry, metallurgy, chemical engineering, power plants, and others. ASINCO’s main business includes new measurement technologies, condition monitoring and advanced control systems, intelligent mechatronic solutions, and intelligent devices for life science applications.

Role in the project

ASINCO contributes in WP4 “Online plant analytics and monitoring” through the development of advanced methods and algorithms for condition and efficiency monitoring of turbine operation and components (Task 4.1), in cooperation with MAN.